KIDS TEA is a herbal mixture prepared especially to benefit children’s health and needs. Tea’s regular intake contributes for the good health condition of children while improving immunity and resistance of their organisms. Thanks to the synergic action of the herbs it contains, LITTLE BEAR could have calming impact on children nervous system. This makes it especially suitable for youth whose energy sometimes is transferred into nervousness and irritability. Thanks to these properties, the tea promotes children’s calm sleep of full value. 



The herbal mixture gathered in LITTLE BEAR has the power of combatting seasonal colds and flus, yet it is absolutely safe and pleasant when taken by children. This action is due to the strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions of some herbs contained in it. While combatting sore throat, the hot ginger tea could simultaneously mitigate pain and increase immunity and defence forces of organism against the harmful viruses and bacteria that cause infections.

Protects the body

Soothes the stomach

100% natural

Medically approved
Ingredients in CHILL BEAR
Rosehip is the most quality source of vitamin C that in turn plays very important role in children’s growth. Thanks to the vitamin C functions in human body we could definitely conclude that rosehip improves the immune system of small and big. The infusions made of rosehip have been used since ancient times to treat cough since it helps clearing the respiratory tract off mucus and other secretions.
Dill seeds are rich in numerous vitamins and minerals necessary for young children’s accurate growth and development. They contain extensive set of proteins, fibres, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. In ancient times they used dill against hiccupping and even though this action of its was forgotten as time passed by, it undoubtedly has the function of loosening smooth muscles of the diaphragm thus terminating it. Another great benefit provided by this herb is its function to stop unpleasant frequently found bacteria in children such as streptococcus, salmonella and staphylococcus.
An incredible herb for children and adults, which has the great property of calming nervous system down and relaxing body. It is being successfully implemented in the case of symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability and over-excitement. Probably you know that children frequently get stomach discomfort because of tension or anxiety. Chamomile acts favourably namely in the case of intestinal and digestive issues. This herb is so harmless and useful that it could be given to breastfed new-borns whereas it also has calming effect against colic and gases.
Ginger tea has been known for centuries as the best prevention and assistance for colds, cough and low immunity. The benefits from the drink are defined by the availability of essential oils that support eliminating viruses and treating colds. Additionally, it contains vitamins and minerals that act for strengthening the immune system. Hence, we could claim that ginger is one of the tastiest and most pleasant prophylactics means.
Beetroot contains lots of iron and it is necessary for haemoglobin to provide tissues with optimal oxygen quantity. This tea ingredient is our ally in combatting anaemia. One of its most important ingredients are anthocyanins, who have antioxidant properties. It contains choline as well which is essential for the strength of cellular membranes, transfer of neural impulses, fat metabolism and suppression of chronic inflammation. This makes beetroot suitable choice for improvement of sleep, muscle activity, learning and memory.
Garden mint
Beyond doubt, we could say about garden mint it is a super-herb with super-powers! It is excellent means for calming all kinds of digestive irritations and normalizes digestion. It has anti-inflammatory action, increases appetite, at the same time decreases stomach acidity. This herb is popular in folk medicine and achieves instantaneous results when being used as tea since youngest age.
Licorice intake gives you healthy smile, because it protects you against the cavity-causing bacteria. In support of this effect of the healing herb, research was performed among 66 children that were given lollipops containing licorice instead of sugar. After they consumed the lollipops twice a day for 3 weeks, it proved that the quantity of the Streptococcus mutans bacteria, being the main reason for cavity development, significantly decreased. In tea pattern or extract, licorice is often being used for coping with the manifestations of deteriorated digestion, such as upset stomach, heartburn and acidic reflux. The tea made of this herb would also alleviate the symptoms and would promote stomach’s good health.
The fennel seeds are useful for normalizing appetite and they favourably impact the digestive system. They provide rescue for young parents because breast-fed’s digestive system is underdeveloped and they often suffer from colic and gases. Every tea that includes fennel significantly helps calm small bellies down and decreases gas formation. In ancient times, the fennel seeds have been used instead of chewing gum – this would help you freshen your breath up and prevent cavities.


The herbal intake by young children is especially important because the herbs build the good immunity for their better development and growth. The right types of herbs, in turn, enrich youth organism with vitamins and minerals necessary for their accurate development. Every child needs these important elements because thanks to them he or she grows healthy, strong and with high immunity. Dill is good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and manganese. Both vitamins are essential for the maintenance of healthy immune system (Source 1, Source 2). Additionally, vitamin A is essential to ocular health, and vitamin C promotes bone formation and wound healing. Manganese contained in this herb is the main mineral that supports brain and nervous system’s normal functioning. Fresh dill, as well as its seeds provide the body with essential minerals such as calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous (Source 1, Source 2), some of them being vital to bone health, especially of grow-ups. 

Add a tablespoon of the tea

Add 250 - 300 ml of boiling water to the tea

Cover for 5 minutes

Finally, strain the tea and you are ready to enjoy it

One package 160g. contains = 50 doses of tea.

For best results, drink it twice a day

You can consume it hot and cold.


For millennia, herbs have been proclaimed as healers and assistants in taking care after the health of the whole family. We, the people of THE GREEN BEAR love creating mixtures of safe herbs that are sparing to children and have proven origin and method of use. Children’s organisms are more sensitive than the ones of adults and this makes it possible for them to assimilate in quality manner the lighter herbs, while some stronger herbs could cause discomfort to their fragile organisms. Since we, the parents take care to impart love and knowledge in our children for herbs, everyone should bear this responsibility and teach the children to understand, know and love this natural gifts. When this is learnt by children at a very early age, they grow healthy and educated about herbal medicine.
When it comes to selecting herbs and their ratio in the present herbal mixture, we have utilized the knowledge of herbal doctors, technologists and doctors of medicine because there is nothing more important than small children’s health. The results of taking this tea just complement its safety and great taste. 
The herbal tea made of chamomile could prove to be very useful, if you are looking for natural means to improve sleep quality of your baby, since among its valuable advantages it is worth mentioning its capacity to relax your body and nerves. This property is due to the antioxidant apigenin contained in the herb and bound to certain brain receptors that could promote sleepiness, cut down insomnia or chronic inability to sleep .