BEAUTY BEAR is a natural mix of especially selected herbs that promote cares after female hair, nails and skin. They impact well and improve their condition inside out, thus not only improving it at present, but providing their long-term protection. Research shows the same – rose hip intake as tea has significantly improved participants’ skin condition. Sweet root impact onto skin and hair is also researched and well-proven. Female beauty is also backed up by the carrot hence it is also included in the compounds of Beauty Bear. If you wonder why – it contains vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene that impact well skin growth.

  • 100% VEGAN


Skin, nails and hair of women are very vulnerable to exogenous factors such as sunburn, drying out and pollution. In her strives for beauty, very woman is ready to undergo procedures, testing new methods and products. The frequent hair, skin and nails treatment with chemical preparations such as shampoos, balms, varnishes, lotions etc. gradually damages their condition in depth and the natural treatment is literally the only way for their healing. In addition to the harmful factors that damage the hair, almost every woman undergoes procedures with hair-drier, curling iron, straightening iron etc., and nails are being treated with deeply penetrating varnishes, construction gels and dozens of others. 
The usage of heavy medications or preparations for local usage, in order to improve the already damaged hair, skin and nails would get you in a vicious circle from which there is no way out. The reason behind this is that similar products would have instant impact, yet they would not provide long-term protection in the future. Additionally, while helping your skin, the medications damage other organs or parts of your body, which is presumed because of their chemical compounds. Nevertheless, in order to achieve long-term effect, in-depth therapy is required that starts inside out. Therapy that only herbs could do, and we could call it HEALTHY! If we take this research into consideration, in which volunteers with alopecia have been taking vitamin E for eight months, we would see that their hair started getting stronger and growing.

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Relieves symptoms

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Ingredients in BEUTY BEAR
The peppermint extract has general antibacterial effect, hence it is frequently included in the compounds of oral hygiene products – toothpastes, mouthwash, disinfecting lozenges. The daily use of peppermint product hinders bacterial growth inside the mouth, cuts down gum inflammation, eliminates unpleasant breath. Peppermint is included in the compounds of numerous shower-gels and shampoos. The reason is that it freshens up and tones skin, thanks to its cooling effect.
This herb has stomach-calming effect, strengthens your bones and teeth and helps maintain the strength and beauty of your hair. Rooibos contains calcium, manga and fluoride that are very important for the bone system. They supress inflammation, cut down pain in joints and prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. In addition to the fact that rooibos promotes bone health, this herb is the reason for restoring the shine and energy of your hair. This happens thanks to the minerals zinc, potassium, copper and calcium, and the result in the case of regular consumption is faster hair growth, without tearing and alopecia indications.
Cocoa beans
Cocoa beans are superfood for the female organism. It would satisfy your desire for sweets, without bringing your additional calories, just good moods. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants, meaning they protect cells against damages and premature aging. They provide you with energy and make your body feel fresh and alert so the tea of cocoa beans could replace your morning coffee. There is an additional bonus – they are source of magnesium and vitamin E that help alleviate premenstrual pains.
Ginger is rich in essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Women use it when they have issues with alopecia or dandruff. The fatty acids contained in the plant roots are the pathway to recovery and comprehensive care after thin hair. Additionally, this stimulates circulations to the scalp, thus improving circulation and promoting growth of hair follicles. In the tea pattern you could expect it to impact numerous conditions, hence it application is extensive. One thing for sure – it could alleviate premenstrual discomfort, it is capable of cutting down stress as a natural antidepressant, as well as improve digestion.
Carrot is not to be underestimated when it comes to female beauty. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene that impact favourably hair growth and youth appearance of skin. The high level of beta carotene contained in carrots plays antioxidant role when it comes to cellular damage resulting in the body thanks to the normal metabolism. It could slow down cellular aging. Vitamin A and antioxidants protect skin against sun damage. In the case of Vitamin A deficits we have skin, hair and nail dryness. At the same time, vitamin A prevents premature occurrence of wrinkles, alleviates acne signs, dry skin, pigmentation, defects and uneven skin tone.
Mate contains the vitamins А, В1, В2, С, Е, Р and numerous microelements – sulphur, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, iron, copper, chlorine. Mate acts as a mild stimulator of physical and psychic activity. The Indian tribes that regularly take it, are famous for their numerous centenarians. Since it contains good quantity of antioxidants, this healing plant combats oxidative stress. It is expected to improve skin health and eliminates the free radicals in organism. The specialists note its anti-inflammatory action as well. Hence it is recommendable to the ladies with rheumatism, bronchitis, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
Nettle has purifying, antiseptic and dietary properties that have positive effect on skin and hair. This is the explanation why nettle is being often used as one of the main ingredients of natural products for skin and hair care. It is widely used in folk medicine when treating alopecia and various dermatitis. The nettle leaves contain numerous antioxidants in the pattern of phenolic compounds and flavonoids, silicic acid, folic acid and pantothenic acid, in addition to chlorophyll, lecithin and carotenoids, such as lutein and beta-carotene (vitamin A). One of the most important chemical elements contained in nettles, is boron. It supports calcium retention in bones and their strengthening, which means nettles assists the osteoporosis treatment. Additionally, this alleviates the menopause symptoms.
Dandelion has been used for years in order to treat various skin diseases such as pimps, eczema or psoriasis. This plant is rich source of vitamins A, vitamin K, B complex, C and D, iron, zinc. What are the benefits? Vitamin K supports blood clotting and promotes the development of healthy bones, and vitamin A regulates blood cell growth. It contains certain amount of vitamin C and calcium, which are essential to bone health.
Licorice could improve the condition of your skin. The strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of licorice allow it to cope successfully in healing skin issues, such as acne and eczema. According to a research with the participation of 60 adults, the local application of gel with licorice extract significantly improves eczema. In addition to beautiful skin, you could use licorice for healthy smile, because it would protect you against the cavity-causing bacteria. In support of this effect of the healing herb, research was performed among 66 children that were given lollipops containing licorice instead of sugar. After they consumed the lollipops twice a day for 3 weeks, it proved that the quantity of the Streptococcus mutans bacteria, being the main reason for cavity development, significantly decreased. The impact of licorice on skin and hair is well-studied and proven.
More rosehip for better skin health! The answer is contained in the vitamin C contents that promotes the collagen synthesis and protects cells against sun damage. Research works show the same – the rosehip intake in the tea pattern has significantly improved the skin condition of participants. On the other hand, the plant contains ingredient known as Astaxanthin, which has anti-aging action. The rosehip intake promotes the prevention of collagen disintegration. Hence specialists believe that it could promote improving skin condition. Within rosehip fruit we could find an important natural complex of natural vitamin A and essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), in combination with powerful antioxidant-flavonoids and vitamin E. All this significantly eliminates wrinkles, spots and stretchmarks while making skin healthy, supple and youthful.
Sea Buckthorns
As early as in Ancient times, people used this plant. Even today they tell legends about the warriors of Alexander the Great and his incredible “manes” of Ancient Greeks who used to recover physically thanks to Sea Buckthorns. Opinions were stated whereas it is the most useful plant on earth since it contains over 190 active ingredients! Among them we have vitamin А, В1, В2, В6, С, E, K, beta carotene, iron, magnesium, manganese, boron, Sulphur, aluminium, silica, titan, omega-3, 6, 7, 9 fatty acids, as well as the quite rare omega-7. This herb assists in arthritis, ulcers, gout and rashes. It is believed that Sea Buckthorns improves organism’s defence strength and is powerful immune stimulator.
Blue Cornflower
Blue Cornflower is being implemented in treating the irritations of skin, tired eyes, conjunctive, as well as in the case of mucous membrane and tissue inflammation. This herb’s soothing effect is suitable in the case of rheumatism, and in the cosmetic industry products have been developed that alleviate sunburns and skin problems, thanks to Blue Cornflower. The plant contains polysaccharides, which together with phenols have profound gastro-protective effect.
In the case of stomach ulcers, phenols via its outstanding antioxidant activity, could have favourable impact, and polysaccharides support moistening the stomach mucous membrane, thus protecting it.
Two research works on Blue Cornflower that you may like:
the green stevia leaves could be your chance for new life of the dry and torn hair. It contains antifungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients that could turn into dandruff and acne’s worst enemies. Retinoic acid among its ingredients prevents collagen and elastin disintegration, thus regulating wrinkle formation. Additionally, stevia cuts down the sebum production, while increasing the life of skin cells. In addition to stevia’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – it prevents bacteria multiplication inside the oral cavity that in turn cause inflamed gums and oral plaque.


The reasons behind the damaged hair, skin and nails could be numerous, and sometimes their treatment requires tailored approach and even consulting a medical specialist. The most frequent ones are alcohol consumption, cigarettes, unhealthy food, administration of medications, influence of meteorological conditions and/or misuse of cosmetic products. The advantage when it comes to selecting the herb mixture BEAUTY BEAR is that herbs could only improve their current condition, WITHOUT causing whatever damage onto them or other components of your organism. For sure, you understand the advantages of choosing the right product for taking care after your health and appearance. RISK 0%! This is the real treasure of cares after yourself!

Add a tablespoon of the tea

Add 250 - 300 ml of boiling water to the tea

Cover for 5 minutes

Finally, strain the tea and you are ready to enjoy it

One package 160g. contains = 50 doses of tea.

For best results, drink it twice a day

You can consume it hot and cold.


Millennia ago herbal healers used the power of nature to improve health, heal wounds and diseases, as well as for beauty procedures. Actually, the most tried and tested recipes for cares after women’s health and beauty are namely these “grandma’s recipes” including herbs and herbal ointments. BEAUTY BEAR aims at becoming a modern version of the NATURAL approaches towards this care that have established themselves throughout the time. That is why within its compounds you will find herbs with synergic action that makes the recipe even more useful and efficient. The real secret of success is hidden in the proportions of these gifts of nature and our doctors and technologists managed to create the best possible recipe to this end.