About the brand

Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the largest herb exporters in the world?

And did you know that the same herbs have been used in medicine for thousands of years? We know this and believe in the power of our nature! That is why our teas contain natural herbs grown at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, herbs which have proven their healing powers over time. We guarantee the origin and quality of our products. Good results depend on the right choice of the products and the right blending proportion of the herbs!

The Green Bear is the latest brand that improves health enormously. It was created and developed by Ilian and Juliana in order to support each person in their goals. The brand is characterized by specially developed herbal mixtures that are meant to help to specific people and health conditions. All formulas are carefully studied and tested in the laboratory. The Green Bear's technologists have created a blend of the most powerful herbs that can be used to help for different purposes and needs. All products have passed a series of tests, approvals and certifications with a 100% guarantee of success. The individual teas are developed and are aimed precisely at these groups of people whom Ilian has been helping for years with his books. More than 15.000 people have already achieved their goals and experienced the power of knowledge and nature first hand.


In fact, herbs have many useful qualities for humans and are therefore used to prevent many body diseases. These are the so-called herbal remedies. In fact, it is nothing new, and mankind has written evidence that thousands of years ago people used herbal decoctions to improve their general health. Many believe that products labeled "natural" are always safe and good for them. This is not entirely true, because not every herb is suitable for your particular purpose or for improving a particular health problem. Also, herbal supplements are not tested in the same way as medicines. Some herbs, such as resin and ephedrine, can cause serious damage to the body and yet are included in many popular supplements and beverages. There are herbs that interact with certain medications and can cause side effects when used together.


Our company guarantees the quality and origin of its products, because not only the content is important, but also the methods for obtaining the ingredients. We have an open policy towards our customers and we maintain clarity in the description of all our products. We do not use exaggerated advertising claims like "premium herbs" or "mysterious recipes" because all natural products have their contribution to the health of our body. The Green Bear is a company of Bulgarian origin and the herbs contained in our products are grown, dried and packed in a closed

production environment at the foot of the Stara Planina. Here I would like to emphasize that Bulgaria is a proud leader in the export of herbs throughout Europe, which shows that we are not the only ones who believe in the power of the plants grown in our country. That is why our teas do not contain "magic" herbs from the other side of the world, but the gifts of our latitudes. In fact, not only do we rank first in the export of herbs to Europe, but we are also in the prestigious fourth place in the world. What we can say is that our teas are distinguished from the other teas by the knowledge embedded in their recipes and the careful selection of the ingredients. One of the most important key factors for any beverage and the results it can bring you are the proportions of the herbs. This is neither a secret recipe nor a mysterious formula that no one else in the world would create. It is the power of nature and we present it to you as a completed product!